Always wanted to try CrossFit?  Tired of your friends talking about it and you’re still unsure?  Come in for a FREE, zero obligation 10 Day Trial Membership!  You’ve got nothing to lose (but maybe some unwanted pounds and weaknesses).  If you are at all dissatisfied, you can at least say you gave it a fair try!  **If you are a Groupon promotion redeemer or Money Mailer Coupon redeemer (See FAQs), you MUST call in advance or email for your first visit, signing up for the free 10 day trial will void your promotion.


Once your trial is activated, and you feel this is the place for you, we will “buy” back your free trial by giving you 10% off your 6 month membership!

*But you must commit on (or before) your second visit of the trial to be eligible for your 10% discount.


These are the most common packages for members, we also offer child care and SST for Kids in our online store.


Monthly (No Commitment) $165

Monthly (Minimum 6 Month Commitment) $145

Monthly 2 x’s a week (Minimum 6 Month Commitment) $110

6 Months Up Front $800

12 Session Punchcard $199


*Public Safety Discount available for those that qualify*