Thinking back to the primitive days and the way of life, the newest form of technology was a club. Present day, we possess the ability to order food with the touch of a button. The society we live in today is by far the most unfit and unhealthy than years previous. However, our technological advances and education are the most cutting edge. There seems to be a correlation. The more we advance, the less we have to physically work to get life accomplished i.e. eat.

Stripping down the typical “weight room” from it’s amorous bicep curl and calf raise machines will leave simply an empty floor and wall-to-wall mirrors for posing and checking to see if there is a misplaced hair. Back to basics, “eat or be eaten.”. There are zero pulley systems, zero benches to stabilize the “core” and only control of the human body through various planes of motion. After competently creating bodily awareness and control will there be external resistance added.

At Rocklin CrossFit, we are committed to create a functional, versatile, resilient body. Whether you are young or old, play sports or not, Rocklin CrossFit will take you to the next level. Punishing the body in a controlled environment will lead to an injury resistant self and allow you to take on whatever sport, or life, has to throw at you.

Training will be accomplished through utilization of body weight resistance, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, medicine balls, rowing, jump roping, and running. The movements will be functional, constantly varied, and once efficient technique is developed, all performed at a high intensity. ;CrossFit will increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains while provoking neurologic and hormonal adaptations across all metabolic pathways.

Rocklin CrossFit uses a curriculum approach to which everything is a measurable task. It is a data driven program to show improvements from day one. Each workout will have a particular goal whether it is max load lifted, a time domain in which a set workload is to be completed in a certain time, or a work domain in which a set time is given to accomplish most amount of work possible. Taking a measurable approach ensures improvements and accountability.

If there are still reservations about enhancing your quality of life, forget about them! Come in for a trial and see just how beneficial Rocklin CrossFit can be for you, be a part of the most premier training facility and program around!