17.4/16.4 Mobility and WOD prep


Warm Up:



3 min row (about a 6-7 on level of difficulty scale)


Build up on your deadlifts, heavier than what you are using for the WOD, regardless of RX or Scaled


Three Rounds:

3-5 Deadlifts @ 245/165

5 Wall Ball Heavier or higher target

5 Cal Sprint

1-3 HSPU’s


Just find a rhythm and grease the groove


Cool down for 5-10 min, then crush it! Keep the heart rate under control.  Now, if you DO NOT have HSPU’s, then you need to go pretty hard on that rower for the tie break time.  IF you do have HSPU’s, then chill a little bit on the rower, that way you can get on the wall ASAP.


Ensure you know the standards!!!

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