Workout of the Day (Monday February 17, 2014)

5 x 3 OHS

800 m Row
Then Four Rounds:
10 Back Squats 225/145
20 Wall Ball
Then 800 m Run

5 x 3 Strict Press

So, to help shed light on what our program actually is… It is an hour class. The dynamic warmup is not just a way to get you moving. It’s DYNAMIC and actually speed training! So, the lack luster focus and constant nit picking for my veterans is a bit tiresome, it’s for YOUR results and progress, not to mention a thorough warm up to hemodynamically prepare your body for what’s to come. So, what’s to come? Speed work and plyo metric training. Yes, training! Not just a “warmup,” so, sand bagging the anaerobic element is ultimately trying to run a 400 m in water, you’re not going to make much head way, but hey, the “effort” is there. Lastly, “saving” yourself for the WOD when we are doing our technical? Really? Don’t ever complain that you’re not strong in wods or lifts when you take on this attitude. It’s the lifting element, you don’t gain strength by doing 30 minutes of burpees! But hey, you only back squatted a whopping 95# for a triple yet your max is 300#. Way to crush the wod! And “I can’t get my max in 10 minutes!” Hmmm, ok. This is Crossfit, sometimes you competitive athletes must reach a max in as little as 2 min! Not to mention 10 minutes is an incredible about of time to max out!!

So, our program offers speed, agility, plyo metric (explosive), Olympic and Power lifting training… THEN we do Crossfit. Like I’ve told my young athletes that are trying to get scholarships, scouts couldn’t care less what your Fran time is or your Fight Gone Bad score. They want to see results and work ethics!

We are from all different backgrounds with different abilities. Not every body can snatch 200# or run a mile under 5 min. Truth is, we ALL scale workouts!!! Either by load or volume or simply movements altogether, so what’s the common denomination that brings our CrossFit family together? EFFORT! Don’t be the “elitist” that sandbags the program to get a better time in a wod, it’s not impressive! And the ironic thing is, even though you got the best time of the day, in a year, all the people you beat out that were actually training in the prewod, are now crushing you!

So, think about this the next time you’re in a class. If you’re offended by this, well, then I’m probably referring directly to you!! Don’t worry though, you are not alone. And this isn’t an angry or irritated rant, just an enlightenment of what we do for those of you that thought everything was a “warmup” until the infamous “3, 2, 1, go!”

So, scaling is ALWAYS an option, EFFORT is not.

Dominate today!

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