Workout of the Day (Friday January 24, 2014)

5 x 3 OHS

21, 15, 9 with a 500 m Row after each round:

OHS 115/75

7 x 1 Max weighted Pullup

Great video, sometimes we all need a little refresher on the day to day tasks… The drop in the video in regards to the Fortune 500 companies should prove a valid point… Throughout life, the successful are aggressive in being a perfectionist. The small details that most don’t realize, they’ll spend the extra time to ensure it’s right. So, don’t just give it your ALL when it’s your strengths so that way you can shine, but instead, give it you’re ALL even when you’re by yourself. Make your weaknesses something you will shine, even the awful mundane. Perform with intensity and purpose even when you feel you have nothing left to give, I promise you still do! Give everything and you will earn everything!!! Take this approach with each and each task, you’ll find true success either socially, physically, financially, or any combination! Stay true to yourself and make it happen!!! 😉

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