Workout of the Day (Wednesday January 22, 2014)

5 x 3 Barski Snatch

Five Rounds:
10 deadlifts (no drop from top) 225/155
20 Ball Slams
**focus on an unbroken wod today, rest in between sets as needed, but hammer them unbroken… Competitors use heavier weight within reason for your abilities

5 x 10 secs Hollow Rock

If you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, 12 year old Wyatt Barsdale, aka superstud, is competing in his very first Crossfit competition!! It will be held at CrossFit Del Campo, or For a taste of what’s in store, here’s the first wod he will be crushing!
10:00 min to complete:
1,000 m Row
40 Thrusters
Muscle Ups for the remaining time

Get it buddy!!!

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