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Workout of the Day (Friday January 31, 2014)

5 x 3 Front Squats

Five Rounds of:
20 KB Swings 24/16
20 Wall Ball
20 Burpees
**yes, more burpees, yay cardio!

7 x 2 Weighted Pull-ups (or Kipping/pullup practice)

Lost and Found is going!!! If you’ve got stuff in there, get it out! Goodwill will be getting hooked up with water bottles, wrist wraps, headphones, sweats (sweat pants and sweat shirts), tees, shorts, pants, etc.

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Workout of the Day (Thursday January 30, 2014)

7 x Clean Complex (dead, hang power clean, front squat)

4 Rounds for Time:

10 Push Ups with Toes on Plate

20 Alt. OH Lunges with Plate (55/35)

30 Seated Twists

40 Double Unders


3 min of Hollow Holds/Superman Holds

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Workout of the Day (Wednesday January 29, 2014)

5 x 5 Split Jerk
5 x 15 KB Swings

Four Rounds:
15 Thrusters 75/55
12 Burpees

Then cool down with an 800 m run/row

Should be a sprint of a wod!!! Get after it, it’s gonna hurt a bit

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Lost and found


Lost and found has been steadily growing. We will be donating this to good will by end of week. Come in and get your stuff, or go shopping! It’s gone by the end of the week

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Workout of the Day (Tuesday January 28, 2014)

5 x 3 Cleans

12 min AMRAP
5 Power Cleans 135/95
10 Front Squats 135/95
15 Box Jumps 24″/20″

100 Sit-ups

Monsters is in Tuesday night, sign up and get mobile!!! Also, have you signed up for the Opens yet???

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Workout of the Day (Monday January 27, 2014)

5 x 2 Thrusters

Opens 13.4:
7 min AMRAP with ascending reps:
3 Power Clean to OH 135/95
3 Toes to Bar
6 Power Clean to OH
6 Toes to Bar
Continue for 7 min

100 KB Twists

Sign up for Monsters on Tuesday night

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Workout of the Day (Friday January 24, 2014)

5 x 3 OHS

21, 15, 9 with a 500 m Row after each round:

OHS 115/75

7 x 1 Max weighted Pullup

Great video, sometimes we all need a little refresher on the day to day tasks… The drop in the video in regards to the Fortune 500 companies should prove a valid point… Throughout life, the successful are aggressive in being a perfectionist. The small details that most don’t realize, they’ll spend the extra time to ensure it’s right. So, don’t just give it your ALL when it’s your strengths so that way you can shine, but instead, give it you’re ALL even when you’re by yourself. Make your weaknesses something you will shine, even the awful mundane. Perform with intensity and purpose even when you feel you have nothing left to give, I promise you still do! Give everything and you will earn everything!!! Take this approach with each and each task, you’ll find true success either socially, physically, financially, or any combination! Stay true to yourself and make it happen!!! 😉

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Workout of the Day (Thursday January 23, 2014)

5 x 3 Touch-n-Go Power Snatch

10 Russian KB Swings (32/24)
800m Run
650m Run
400m Run
250m Run
100m Run


Max Time Prone Iso

*230 Double Unders

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Workout of the Day (Wednesday January 22, 2014)

5 x 3 Barski Snatch

Five Rounds:
10 deadlifts (no drop from top) 225/155
20 Ball Slams
**focus on an unbroken wod today, rest in between sets as needed, but hammer them unbroken… Competitors use heavier weight within reason for your abilities

5 x 10 secs Hollow Rock

If you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, 12 year old Wyatt Barsdale, aka superstud, is competing in his very first Crossfit competition!! It will be held at CrossFit Del Campo, or For a taste of what’s in store, here’s the first wod he will be crushing!
10:00 min to complete:
1,000 m Row
40 Thrusters
Muscle Ups for the remaining time

Get it buddy!!!

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Workout of the Day (Tuesday January 21, 2014)

5 x 3 Zots Press

10 Power Snatch 135/95
15 Pull-ups (competitors are C2B)
20 Push Press 135/95
25 Burpees (competitors to a target)
30 Air Squats
** 2 min to get as far as possible, then rest 1 min. Repeat for 3 min, then rest. Repeat for 4 min, rest, then finally 5 min. If you finish work load prior to time, you’ve earned yourself extra rest

50 Pistols

Monsters of Massage in Tuesday night, from 5-7! Get scheduled and get healthy for the Opens!!!

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