Due to the disrespect of the gym, chalk privileges have been revoked. It’s time to learn how to count guys…

You don’t need to write talley marks on the floor for AMRAP’s or whatever, learn how to count.

You also do not need chalk for push press, back/front/oh squats, thrusters, rowing, Burpees, sit-ups, etc… You may laugh at the uses of chalk, but I have literally witnessed people chalking for each example noted. Guess what, gravity will be the chalk for those lifts…

Chalk also belongs in the bucket, not to be taken and placed on the floor to save time. Yet each person I have seen do that to save time also are the same ones that take water breaks mid wod. How about skip the hydration and walk to chalk bucket (btw, getting water because you’re thirsty during a 5 min wod WILL NOT ABSORB fast enough to help get you through).

Again, chalk stays in bucket and while one chalks their hands, do it over the bucket! Grabbing it and walking away to leave a trail to follow back in case you’re SO hypoxic you lose your way just doesn’t fly. Google map your way…

Lastly, leaning over the chalk bucket and gasping for breath is probably not the best thing to do… Believe it or not, when you’re breathing heavily, you actually expel a high pressure of air… Now, doing that directly over the chalk bowl? Nice! Now, you’ve not only made a mess, but you’re now sufficiently chalking your lungs! Glad you’re thinking about your alveoli for that next pull-up!!

I’m not sure how long the chalk will remain in custody, it is a gift for you guys, not a necessity. If we hear complaints and whining, it will remain hostage longer… When you gripe to each other, just remember how much new equipment we get on the regular… Over the past couple of years we have literally spent over $100 grand, the least you could do is learn to clean up after yourselves.

Thank you. The respect will go both ways!

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