Workout of the Day (Friday December 13, 2013)

5 x 2 Cleans

Five Rounds of:
12 Power Cleans 135/95
9 Push-ups
6 SDHP 135/95

5 x 12 secs KB Hot Potato

Be safe on Friday the 13th!

Side note… Crossfit and the intensity we perform wods at May at times create little tweaks and aches on our bodies. Most are avoidable, but some just aren’t, it’s the nature of the beast! Now, if some thing occurs and you’re staying off an injury, does that mean to stop training altogether? Not a chance! It merely forces us to become more creative and modify movements or styles for a short term. Just because a thumb/wrist/elbow/shoulder/hip/knee/ etc is bothered, you CAN still modify! Now, if all those ailments were on the same individual, well then we’d certainly have to put some creativity into scaling.

What I’m getting at, is life happens, tweaks occur. It does NOT mean you must completely rest for 6 weeks (which is any standard go to from doctors). You’re just going to have to communicate with the coaches and use your head! Be your own advocate and understand that crossfit isn’t life! It helps enhance quality, not meant to break you down.

Happy and smart training!

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