Pretty disappointed in the people that are taking our tools and supplies for granted…  With all the people we have in here, I guess it’s bound to happen.  But, for the people that are in need of specific mobility items to help not only performance, but to help an acute or nagging injury, we are now down to just a couple of lacrosse balls.  Yes, I know it’s such a small insignificant item, it’s the principle.  I can’t tell you how many times our coaches have helped individuals with injuries and simple mobility, it’s on a daily basis someone new is introduced to the benefits of lengthening musculature.  That doesn’t mean to take the tool home.  Leave it for the gym and your fellowship.  They are easy and ridiculously cheap to purchase.  In fact, we even have them here for sale.  Perhaps they are accidentally falling in your gym bag, that’s understandable, but please just bring them back… Allow others’ to gain the experience of working on mobility and increase performance.  Bring them back, no questions asked.  Thank you.




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