Workout of the Day (Tuesday August 20, 2013)

5 x 4 Touch n Go Power Cleans

Complete 7 Rounds of 2 min AMRAPs with a 30 sec break Between of:
7 Power Clean to OH 155/105
Ball Slams

50 Plyo push-ups

So, Monday was Fran and it wasn’t posted, however word got out… And wouldn’t you know it, our 5:30 pm class (which on any given day has at minimum 20 people) was the slowest class in the history of the past year at just 6 people. The rest of the night was rather slow as well… Weird! So, what I’m saying is, don’t cherry pick workouts! That is if you ever want to get better and potentially even compete. You can’t let a workout get you scared, you’ll never be successful! Make the bar afraid of you, you put it where it needs to be… At your service! For those of you that showed up, WOW!!! There was some serious heart and drive, I’m super impressed by the efforts I saw. Strong work guys!

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