LurongLiving Paleo Challenge!! and Whole Life Challenge

The challenge is back!  Last year we had about 40 people participate in the challenge and created some great goals with better success.


What is it?

-The LuRong Living Paleo Challenge is a proven system for creating life transformation and improved performance. The 2nd Annual LuRong Living Paleo Challenge gives you and your affiliate the structure, technology, motivation, education, competition, and accountability to see real and quantifiable results. Compete as an individual, and as an affiliate team against CrossFitters Nationwide, for your opportunity to claim your share of the more than $100,000 Challenge Prize Purse.


It’s structured quite similar to the Opens, you will be given a WOD to do and a due date to submit the results.  For those of you that didn’t do the Opens or are looking for some sort of a way to grasp experience in the realm of competition, this is a GREAT way to do so!  There are scaled versions for those of you not quite at Rx yet.  There is also tons of information to help your nutrition and aid in your performance!  You can complete each of the first 3 WODS at whatever level you choose. Then in Phase 2 of the Challenge, you must perform each of the 3 WODs at the same level you did them in the first Phase. WOD 8 must be completed at the same Level as WOD 1, WOD 9 must be the same as WOD 2, and WOD 10 must be the same as WOD 3. This will give a statistical comparison for improvement, thus creating improvement rankings resulting in being rewarded improvement points.



How does the challenge work?:


-During the 8 week Challenge you will be earning points through tracking your diet, performing 10 Challenge WODS, tracking personal goals, trying new Paleo recipes, and ultimately making improvements in your body measurements and performance. We will release the WODs throughout the challenge and athletes will record their results in the Challenge system. Affiliates will be judging the WODS according to our standards, and validating the entries in the Challenge system.

Affiliates will also take before and after body measurements which will be recorded and validated in the system. Throughout the challenge athletes will be tracking how CLEAN their diet is for each of 6 time periods for each day of the challenge. Each Challenge WOD has 3 Skill levels so you are sure to have an option that will be appropriate for you and to challenge you to go farther, push harder, and dig deeper. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with the Paleo diet. We will provide you with educational articles, nutritional tips, and paleo recipes to help you establish a new lifestyle.


Is there specific programming that needs to be followed in order to become eligible for prizes?:


-Yes. See Official Rules for more information. We have a set of 10 workouts which will be completed by everyone in the challenge. Each of the workouts during the course of the Challenge will have 3 Levels of Difficulty to choose from: Level III, Level II, or Level I. Level III (L3) is the most physically demanding and Level I (L1) is the least.

Here is the basic Schedule for the Challenge:

  1. Challenge starts September 16th, 2013. The Challenge will last eight (8) weeks and is broken down into 3 Phases.
  2. Phase 1 occurs during the first 2 weeks of the Challenge and will require Participants to complete 3 WODS (1, 2, and 3) along with recording their Body Measurements. Starting from the 1st day of the Challenge Daily Diet Compliance will be open for submission.
  3. Phase 2 consists of the four (4) weeks in the middle of the Challenge. During Phase 2 Participants will be completing 1 WOD per week (WOD 4, WOD 5, WOD 6, and WOD 7) along with tracking diet, setting and tracking goals, submitting new recipes, and any other open and uncompleted requirements.
  4. Phase 3 is the last two (2) weeks of the Challenge. During this phase Participants will be completing 3 WODs (WOD 8, WOD 9, and WOD 10) along with retaking Body Measurements, submitting testimonials, tracking goals, diet, and any other open items.
  5. Challenge Ends November 18th, 2012.




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The Whole Life Challenge is almost the same thing as the Paleo Challenge!  You get credit based on the foods you eat, stretching and mobility work, and of course improvement on the workout.  Aside from the points you can earn on the nutrition and mobility, it is structured like the “death by barbell”.  We will be have a workout to be done Saturday Sept 7 at the Sports Chalet parking lot, like an actual competition, then again in November!  There will be about five other gyms in the local area participating in this.  The WOD will be basic (no that doesn’t mean easy) so there truly is NO excuse to not give it a shot!!! You can totally do both challenges to really help jumpstart you to a better you and help to prepare for any upcoming events and the Opens.  Sign up at

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