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Workout of the Day, August 31, 2013

Memorial Wod for the Granite Hotshots

“Hotshots 19”

6 Rounds of

30 squats

19 Power clean (135,95)

7 Strict Pull ups

400 M run


Today the workout is in honor of the Granite Hotshots. On June 30, 19 fire fighters lost their lives while fighting a wildfire in Arizona. Come do the wod to show your support for those that lost their lives and their families.

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Workout of the Day (Friday August 30, 2013)

Max Deadlift

100 Deadlift
**At the top of each min (including at start) perform 5 Burpees

5 x 12 secs L-Sits

Note-limited Open Gym time this Saturday… As in, show up for class and participate in the Hotshots 19 hero wod! Lastly, sign up for free personal training lessons at Rocklin front desk. Print name and phone number on the raffle ticket and drop it in the cup!

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Workout of the Day (Thursday, August 29, 2013)

Max Snatch

10 – 1 OHS (95/65)

1 – 10 DB Snatch (50/35)

100m Run (Between Rounds)

7 x 2 Strict Pull Ups (if you have them, add weight)

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Additional Help!

If you’ve noticed, we have many young coaches coming up through the ranks right now on their quests to not only better themselves, but to enrich the lives of their fellow CrossFit community.  They have spent many hours learning how to coach, learning the why’s and how’s of certain modalities, and keeping you motivated to roll up your sleeves and gut it out.  So, what’s going on?  Well, in our attempt to help make our coaches the best around, we are setting up an opportunity for you to receive FREE personal training lessons!  We will set up a “fish bowl” at the Rocklin location… All you’ll have to do is put your name and phone number on a piece of paper and drop it in!  Our coaches will randomly select a name and connect with you for some free training!


Why are we doing this?  Well, it’s a great way for our coaches to train their eye for the attention to detail and to gain comfort without the overwhelmingly packed classes.  The good news for you, is you’ll get extra eyes on you, including mine!  You’ll get to share your part of helping our coaches become better and you’ll establish more rapport with the staff.  Injuries, tightness, lack of coordination, primary focus on lifting or speed work????  Sweet, come in, let us know your goal and we’ll attack it!  The more we have to scale, the better!  Make us think!!!  Again, I’ll be there and there will be lots of learning for both you and our coaches!


If you have ANY questions about it, let me know!  Some of our coaches that just did their CrossFit Level 1 and have been interning:


Sara Butler

David Ivanov

Sydney Ware

Andrew Graham

Heather Ferreira

Cassondra Haynes

Valerie Calhoun

Ed David


Let’s help them to be the best!!!!


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Workout of the Day (Wednesday August 28, 2013)

5 x 2 Barski Snatch

21, 15, 9, 9, 15, 21 of:
Ball Slams
Lateral Jumps over Ball (2=1)
KB Swings 24/16

100 Seated KB Twists

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Workout of the Day (Tuesday August 27, 2013)

5 x 3 OHS

Five Rounds of:
9 Hang Power Snatch 115/75
15 Push-ups

30 Strict Toes to Bar

I’d HIGHLY recommend smashing your legs… Monday was rough, partner up and smash away!

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Workout of the Day (Monday August 26, 2013)

7 Sets of 3-Position Snatch

1000 m Row
4 Rounds of:
10 Back Squats 225/135
20 Wall Ball
1000 m Run (cash out)

Handstand push-up proactive

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One of our family members has been struck with cancer….



tyler brown 3

Tyler Brown

Last November Tyler was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. He immediately underwent surgery and shortly after, his tumor marker levels dropped and the cancer subsided for the time being. Tyler was put on a close monitoring schedule. This past month one of his levels showed a suspicious rise, and he was sent into an array of tests. The tests turned up a small mass in the blood vessels near the kidney and several traces in the lymph nodes throughout the pelvis. So here we are just a few weeks later, and Tyler has begun a chemo regimen of 3 cycles of BEP. The regimen will continue through the end of September, with Tyler going in every day for a week for 4-6 hours, then off for two weeks with the exceptions of Mondays. This cycle is repeated for 9 weeks. Tyler will be unable to work during his treatment which puts enormous strain on his family financially. This additional strain couldn’t come at a worse time as his wife Stacey just delivered their second child in mid June.

tyler brown 4

Tyler Brown is a sponsored athlete in excellent condition. His sport of choice is Kite Skiing which he is currently ranked #1 in the nation. I bring this up because illness and disease can strike even the healthiest of minds and bodies!  Please send your thoughts and prayers to the Tyler Brown and his family as he will most certainly need them. If you wish to make a monetary donation you can go to or contact Trevor Luna at 916.803.1573


tyler brown 6 On September 20, 2013 Rocklin CrossFit and many other gyms in California will be holding a workout in his honor.  All will be welcome to come and participate and ANY donation will be much appreciated.


The workout will be:


“Tyler Brown”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes while starting at 3 reps of each movement and increasing by 3 every round until 20 minutes has elapsed of:

OHS 95/65

Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Back Squats 95/65

Push Press 95/65


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Workout of the Day (Friday August 23, 2013)

Max Clean & Jerk

21, 15, 9 of:
Double Unders
Pistol Squats
Push press 95/65

EMOM x 4 of 30 Sit-ups

Family night tonight at rocklin at 6:30!!!!

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Workout of the Day (Thursday August 22, 2013)


5 x 2 11/4 Front Squats


4 Rounds of:

6 Man Maker Push Ups (40/25)

12 DB Push Press

18 Wall Ball

250m Run


100 Knee-to-Elbow

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