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The Games are all said and done…  A year of training all ended up in one three day weekend with the programming gods laughing at the little folk.


This being our third year in a row qualifying to the Games is a huge feat in it of itself, so we used that to our advantage.  Experience with the process, knowing what to expect, and not being so overrun with nerves, we were actually able to stay calm and collected.


With the expense of travelling and arrangements to do so, I am absolutely humbled by the support system of Rocklin CrossFit.  You guys are unbelievable!!  Yes, making to the Games is pretty surreal, but looking in the stands and continuing to run in to our gym family makes the entire experience so much more.  YOU are the true champs and workouts aside, YOU make Rocklin CrossFit the BEST gym in the world!!!!


So, it was a long week.  The week kicked off with the Masters Competition.  This being Terri Foster’s second appearance at the Games and now actually knows what the different movements are even called, she was ready!  Terri has been fighting a nagging knee injury since the Opens and her training took a little set back in the process leading up to the Games, but that did not stop her fighting spirit.  Through thick and thin, Terri came and conquered!  Terri’s best finish was a 14th place and fully understood the concept of having fun with her smile in the midst of every WOD.  Terri took 19th place out of over 300 people that signed up in that class in the world!!!  Super proud of you Terri!



Terri wasn’t our only master competing this weekend.  Games vet Lynn Hunter broke away from the team this year to see what she could do on her own.  Lynn participated in the 45-49 Masters division and she did not disappoint!  This division is stacked!  Over the three days, Lynn got her bad WOD’s out the way the first day.  Knowing she’d be in a hole, she knew she had some work to do… First event of day #2, YES PLEASE!  Lynn rose to the occasion, it was heavily weighted on sled pulls, and Lynn crushed it!  She took a FIRST place on that WOD and gave her some serious momentum.  The next day was a Clean and Jerk ladder, she made the cut and put on a show, Lynn not only tied for second place on this lift, BUT she PR’d her C & J by five pounds!!!!  Lynn had one specific goal in mind, that was to beat that gal that took first, they have competed against each other over the years and Lisa is no joke.  Lynn beat her in TWO events to help solidify her 5th place finish out of nearly 1,700 women in the world!  WOW!!


lynn C&J



On to the Team… It’s always been a joke the Rocklin CrossFit competitors are little, “micro machines” is a term used frequently to describe from other gyms I hear.  Well, unfortunately this weekends’ programming did not favor the little guy.  The WODs this year were extremely unique, yet at the same time lacked creativity over the course of the weekend.  Yes, some of this write up will be based on the fact I’m a little bitter, but at the same time it’s true.  The equipment this year was amazing!  Extremely different and required much teamwork.  Especially the segmented log, or the Worm.  But, it was used on three different events…  We get it, it’s cool, never been done, and awkwardly heavy.  But how is it testing the “Fittest” if it’s nearly the same modality?  It’s like having a muscle-up variation WOD for three different ones, for a “test” a gymnast will be tested and thrive, is there a need to do it again? Not really… And again, yes I’m a little bitter, but also on the spectating side of things, it seemed boring and redundant… Ok, now I feel better! LOL.  But, as far as the other WODs went, there was a lot of strategy involved.  Again, we are small so noncleated, heavy sled pulls were against us, but we still gave every ounce of energy and pull out there!  There were several times when we were pulling and suddenly it seemed as though someone kicked our feet out from under us totally face planting! At that point it was kind of comical.  You can only do so much.


The rest of the weekend went by much better, we cut our losses and realized we weren’t going to make the podium, so we were able to relax and totally have fun!  The pressure was off and finally a WOD lined up extremely well in our favor… A very traditional, TEAM oriented chipper where communication and transitions are of utmost importance.  NAILED IT!! Finally got some momentum back to close out the day.  Day #3 was a fun little workout with a hill run, partner ghd situps, unison OHS, and wall climb/burpees.  Very fun workout and timing was crucial.  After that, we were able to just become spectators and fans. We ended the weekend taking 31st worldwide.


Many of you asked about how we were coping with the results of the weekend. It was very close to the grieving process… First step of denial, anger, bargaining, then finally acceptance which then lead to FUN.  The reality of it all is that we made it!  Despite having a rough weekend, there are thousands of other people and teams that didn’t get that opportunity.  Reebok hooked it up (as usual) and Rogue had some great toys to play with (Rocklin location has a sweet smell of “Bacon” btw, we may or may not have purchased something).  It’s been one crazy year of training and who knows what the next year will bring.  Things just simply weren’t in our favor, but we are to play the cards we are dealt.  We still had a great time and saw a bunch of our friends from other gyms and regions.


The support you guys showed is just unreal, thank you again for the messages and thoughts.  YOU ROCK!


On to the next one,



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  1. Joe July 31, 2013 at 11:54 pm #

    The Honey Badgers are awesome! Y’all stuck with it and are champs in my book! Enjoy yourselves, then it’s back to work to make it 4 years in a row!