Workout of the Day (Sunday July 14, 2013)

Three Rounds of:
20 Speed Lunges
20 Air Squat Jumps
20 Push-ups

5 x 5 Bench Press

Three Rounds of:
20 Ball Slams
15 Box Jump Overs
10 DB Thrusters

100 Partner MedBall sit-ups

Saturday at 10:00 was a bit ridiculous… For those of you that signed up out of respect for others, you kick major ass. For those of you selfish folks that just show up when you’re ready with no regard for logistics, impacting others that follow the rules, and the dynamics of running a program… Major disappointment. You know who you are. We have caps for a reason, safety and liability issues. Lots of people with bars flying around in a tight space isn’t the best recipe. I know I know, YOU are fine… Duly noted, but what about the person next to you, that under tight proximity, drop a bar and it bounce in to your ankle? Am I to say the typical response you did in regard to not signing up? “Well I thought it’d be ok”. Next time it happens, I’ll ensure you get a workout in, so don’t worry, but since I’m not going to entirely change the workout for every one else the has respect again, you’ll just do burpees until you want to go home.

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