What to take…?

In any sport or passionate hobby one does, breakdown and fatigue will occur.  I have done many, many posts on recovery and rest.  However, most of you ignore me in your stubborn ways and continue to push yourself harder and harder (one of the main reasons you guys kick (_!_)).  So, what’s the secret?  What will help to get you feeling better faster?  Many people focus on the “preworkout” supplements, get JACKED and AMPED!  Well, that’s all well and good, but what happens when you are now all hyped up and completely destroy the tissues?  Great workout, but when should you come back?  That’s easy, TOMORROW!  “I’ll just take some more preworkout, well actually I didn’t sleep all that well, so I’m going to have to take 2 scoops instead of one.”  Sweet, now my heart is going to pop out of my chest after just the warm up, but who cares, I PR’d baby!  And if I come back tomorrow, that’ll be another PR, 29 days in a row!!!


We’ve all felt the effects of murdering that WOD, going to battle with your peers to annihilate those wall balls, or simply get talked in to going by that little voice in your head to do class because it “Looks fun”.  I don’t blame you!  Trust me, this is not another rant about injury or rest, nor is this a slam on your preworkout mix you get out of the back of some trunk in some dark ally on the wrong side of town.  People ask my suggestions or straight up what I take on the regular, so, here goes and why:





Proanox Biogenesis– This stuff is the best product we sell, by far!!  Unfortunately, you won’t feel the effects by simply taking a sample packet, it doesn’t work that way.  This is an antioxidant recovery system!  Every single person WILL benefit from this.  Click on the link to view all the science behind it, but I’ll give you a quick summation.  It’s all natural plants/fruits/vegetables in high concentrations.  It contains anti aging properties and help in energy, fat loss, increased muscle tonicity, increased immune system response, and systemic cellular recovery.  What the heck does this mean to you?  It’s like giving your mitochondria (Cellular powerhouse of the body) a CrossFit membership for life!  Ya know what that means, invincible status and elite warrior all in one!

Bottom line– you’ll recover way faster and be able to train the same schedule you are, but without feeling as trashed and help to minimize some of the risks of under recovering.  The expense seems high, but it’s far cheaper than ortho visits and time off of the gym, work, school, etc… I take two packets a day, but lately, due to my training schedule, I’ve increased to three.



Proanox Torque- Proanox’s blend of creatine.  Creatine monohydrate is one of the most widely researched supplement ever.  So, with the clinical studies of proven success, Proanox’s science team made it better!  This is a tri blend creatine with beta-alanine.  Many of you know, I have a bum right knee and last year it was quite evident.  After MRI’s and many ortho appts, it was discovered I have a partially torn patellar tendon (just one step below complete rupture).  I’m specifically told by the surgeons that I am not to do ANY shock loading of the body, meaning no jumping, heavy lifting of any kind, or running.  Like you, I don’t listen!  Instead I ask for help…  I originally started taking this product to get bigger and stronger.  I was actually taking more than the recommended dosage (as suggested by somebody that knows more about this stuff and due to my training regiment).  After completing a complete container, I was quite discouraged that I hadn’t seen hardly any strength gains.  I contacted my rep to give him some feedback and he was a bit surprised as well…  After more research on what the product does, I realized that it almost creates a protective “sheath” around tendons and muscles and allows them to recover faster.  Prior to starting the product, I would wake up nightly in agonizing pain due to my knee.  After the entire container was gone, I started to think… I know, uh oh!  But, I couldn’t remember the last time I had woken up with knee pains and I had to scale WODs much less.  Thinking it was a total coincidence, I opted to not start back up again and to give my body a break… Literally, three nights later, with nothing different in my training schedule, I woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain.  Needless to say, I got right back on it the next day!  Placebo or not, I don’t care!  My body is feeling the best it has in years and I’m stronger than ever!  In fact, I’m recovering so well with the high volume of training I’m doing that I still even PR, twice in the last few days on two different lifts in fact!

Bottom line- This product hasn’t done anything for size for me, but since my muscles are recovering better, I’m able to break them down more regularly.  This blend of creatine really helps in your anaerobic capacities too, so anything short duration and/or high intensity (Fran/Lifts/Sprints) it WILL help.  Plus the beta alinine helps to deliver the oxygen and other nutrients to your muscle faster, some people even feel a little increase in energy too (I do not).  I  take four scoops a day, two in the morning and two at night.



Met-Rx Arsenal Training Packs– I don’t have too much to say about this product, but it is a very balanced mulitvitamin, fatty acid, BCAA (branched chain amino acid) vitamin pack.  This has a couple of the same ingredients as the Biogenesis as well as the Progenex proteins.  But, it’s an all round good product to give you vitamins and minerals with the some good amino acids (building blocks of protein).

Bottom Line- For those of you looking for a multi vitamin and train more than five times a week, it’s a must have.  Our bodies are constantly getting depleted and our diets don’t typically have that much diversity to get all the necessary nutrients it needs.  I take twice a day, one in the morning and one at night.




Progenex Cocoon– Progenex has a great reputation for having kick ass protein products for increased muscle and faster recovery.  The products are a finer processed and better quality protein that your body will absorb at a much better rate.  I use all of their proteins, but I’m going to spend my time on this one since it’s my favorite.  I’m not the best sleeper, I’ve got lots going on in my lil pee brain at night and sometimes I just toss and turn.  Before Cocoon was on the market, I’d have my Progenex Recovery Protein shake already ready by my bed.  In the middle of the night, I typically wake up to empty my too hydrated bladder and quickly down my shake.  If you are a competitor or simply want better and faster results, you can’t go 6-10 hours without some calories, it slows your metabolism too much and your performance suffers.  Then the onset of Cocoon!  This product has all the great properties of regular Progenex Recovery, BUT it also has some tryptophan (ya know, the guilty coma inducer after eating Thanksgiving turkey!).  It is a slower digesting protein supplement that allows it to do its magic while your now deeper in to a restorative sleep!

Bottom Line- It’s a high quality protein that helps you sleep.  For me, I don’t notice any drowsiness or anything, however, I do notice that I am sleeping much more thorough throughout the night and wake up much less, if at all, during the night.  I take as recommended as far as dosage, but not with hot water like it says… I make a smoothie out of it.  If you have a sweet tooth and crave some chocolate at night, this is your best choice!!!  I use raw milk (from sunrise natural foods), half a tub of cottage cheese, and a banana.  Super yummy!!!



Preworkout- As you’ve probably noticed, my main focus is on recovery products.  If your muscles are set to recover, you’ll have more energy and a better likeliness you can hit your WOD or strength program harder.  Listed here are the Proanox Preworkout, Progenex Torque, Met-Rx Amped.  I have used all of them.  I’m not too picky and they all have some caffiene, creatine, BCAA’s, etc… The trick is, is to find the one that works for you if you truly need one.

Bottom Line-There are SO many out there, we have some you can sample.  Some people are sensitive to some.  Truthfully, a black coffee is a great preworkout!  Especially when it’s CrossFit related.  Your sympathetic nervous system has enough “Preworkout properties” to let you survive and get through it.  I am very hit or miss with these, when I do take them, I certainly take as directed.  Coffee is my pre”life” of choice though =).


Even if you are taking recovery products, you still need to listen to your body!  These are supplements and aid in recovery, they are not cure alls!  You will still get sore, but you’ll recover faster and the soreness is typically less severe.


Again, these are just the ones that I take and my general opinions of them.  There is far more science to them than I explained.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!






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