Workout of the Day (Tuesday July 9, 2013)

Technical: 10 Sets of Power Clean + (Squat) Clean (Add weight each set, these are touch and go. Your final set should be at least 80% of your max squat clean)

16 Min AMRAP:
20 Burpees
400 m Run
60 Air Squats

Stabilization/ Cool down:
2 min Partner Quad Smash (it should hurt in order to be of benefit)

Monsters of Massage is in again Tuesday. Sign up or call front desk to make appointment! I have had a couple of you either email or text in regards to some kind of muscular tweak… If you aren’t making an appointment to see Monsters, I don’t want to hear you complain anymore!!! Yes, things may get tweaked and irritated, but simply talking about them WILL NOT fix it! You must do something different in order to fix something that has happened…

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