Workout of the Day (Tuesday June 18, 2013)


5 x 3 Touch n Go Power Snatch



Regional Event 4:

100 Wall ball (10′ Target)

100 C2B Pull-Ups

100 Alt Leg Pistol Squats

100 Alt Arm DB Power Snatch 70/50


Cool Down:

800 m jog/row (very slow and just cruise)


With every wod you do, you MUST have some kind of a strategy. If you just go into it with the thought of working as hard as possible, you’re potentially setting yourself for one heck of a long and terrible wod… Play to your strengths and survive your weaknesses. Have a goal in your mind related to the reps as well as time.  This wod for instance has a 25 min time cap, so how will you choose to eat that up? Wall ball is one of my weaknesses, so I was slow and deliberate on them, but made up some ground on the pull-ups, a strength. Each person is different and for a 20 person class, there will be 20 different strategies… Play your game and adjust as needed.  BUT put some thought in it!!

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