Workout of the Day (Friday June 14, 2013)


5 x 2 Hold Back Squats



Thruster (95/65) Progression/Regression:

The First Min Perform 20 Thrusters

Second = 1

Third = 19

Fourth = 2

Fifth = 18

… So on for 20 min, the 20th min will be just 10 reps

Good Luck, I have only seen one person complete as Rx…


Cool Down:

400 m Cruise Run/Row/Airdyne

I highly recommend you ROLL OUT and Partner Quad Smash


Also, on Sunday during Open Gym, several people (including the team) will be attacking Regional WOD Event 4, the 100’s.  For those of you want to do it, we can always scale:


100 Wall Ball

100 C2B Pullups

100 Alt Leg Pistols

100 Alt Arm DB Power Snatch

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  1. Tom June 14, 2013 at 3:37 pm #

    My math has us doing 21 thrusters every 2 minutes, for a total of 210 thrusters. That is 4.5x a Fran WOD. I am scaling..