Fundraiser Event



Today was incredible!  It’s so much more than just a gym…  You guys may not know Marco and his family too personally, but there were so many faces that came in today, so many of which that I did not even recognize!!!  Pretty cool turnout.  People always refer to CrossFit as a “community”, but what does that really mean?  Gyms in general are a dime a dozen, “get ripped, get that beach body!”… That’s meaningless without a support system.  Well, guess what… You guys came through like no other!  Again, you may not know the Ochoa’s, where they grew up, what they do, what music they like, or even what the future plans have in store for them.  It’s about NOW!


Over the course of the day, it would be estimated that we had close to 150-200 people show up.  It was unreal!  Tickets for raffles, T-Shirts from the Foster’s, shaving heads, crazy good food from Beastfuel, drinks, plain donations, and photo booth totaling just over $8,000!!!!!!!  Again, it’s about the NOW, people stepped forward for the cause, perhaps not even knowing them at all.  It doesn’t matter!  When a family member is in need, one will stop to help.  That is exactly what occurred here today and I can’t say how humbled and proud I am to be a part of this community family.  A gym is a gym and a building is a building… But family is forever!  Thank you so much for coming in and making a difference in just one family’s life.  Giving the check for just over $8,000 to Marco and seeing his reaction was absolutely unbelievable.  When asked, Marco responded to his feelings, “I’m absolutely speechless and humbled by the fact that so many people came out to show support… This (RCF) place has changed my life in so many ways, the people are incredible!”


Thank you guys for coming in and hanging out.  The T-Shirts sold out in less than an hour, but preorders are being held for more!  Now to the raffle… Who won?


Mini Golf: Ana Guerro

Lazer Tag: Jacqui Ryan

Incredible Pets: Mallary Magorka/Salena Ayers

Under Armour Shoes: Jenny Fry

“Corn Hole” Game: Amy Phillips

Starbucks Coffee: Jessiba B.

Eyelash Extensions: Holly Watson/Courtney Elena

Reebok Mens 1/4 Zip: KT/ Andrew Graham

Reebok Womens 1/4 Zip: Amy Sheppard/ Sam Davis

Nano’s: Corey Harges/ Hessica B.

Hylete: Jordan Smith

Charged Green Shorts: Doyle Radford

Reebok Long Sleeve Women’s Shirt: Mallory Magorka/Sean Dail

Monsters of Massage: Cassondra Haynes/ Chris Leisey

Olympic Lifting Cert: Wes Hutchinson

6 Flags: Holly Watson


Come in and get your swag!!!  Again, thank you so much!

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