What are you trying to get out of this?




Goals, goals, goals!!!  We all have them, regardless of their specificity or quantifiable nature, they exist.  BUT, what is the right path to take to get there?  Many of you have the general goal in here and it’s simple… To improve your health and overall fitness.  The nature of CrossFit is a great thing and you can continue so long as you take care of yourself.  Now, the nature of competitive CrossFit is a bit different.  No, I’m not referring to JUST the people that actively participate in competitions.  We are all competitive by nature (even you guys that say, “no, not me”-yet jealousy of movements, loads lifted, times on WOD’s, physique, etc fuel you to perform and try harder… FYI, that’s a form of competitiveness).  So, what am I saying?


Listen to the best advice out there… Who do you ask?  You guessed it… Yourself!  Be real with yourself and listen to your body.  All too often I hear or witness people complaining about different ailments to others’ (not to coaches) while trying to tough it out and get through the WOD or day, even though many of you have MANY ailments.  Veteran based people are familiar with soreness vs. injury, but still end up doing things they probably shouldn’t be doing, sorry guys, but not every body gets a trophy in this sport, regardless if you gut it out through an injury!!!  Use your noggins guys. You are training in here to enhance your life, not help pad the Dr’s wallet and send their kids’ through school.  It doesn’t have to go that far.  If you have an issue, let us know!  I’m hearing about tweaked backs, shoulders, calves, knees, etc…  There are many ways to alter movements or WODs and still give you a great functional workout without having you leave for time to get y0ur ice pack, IBU profen, and heavy narcotics.  It takes communication!!!  Most of you excel at communication, which in a class setting leads to not paying attention or simply not listening (which is the one of the best ways to get an injury), but communicate with whomever is running the classes to ensure our knowledge of your issue as to not either push you beyond your threshold, or make sure we have a substitute exercise for you.  You CAN train with an injury (trust me, I’ve had to modify MANY MANY things), but you must let someone know of the injury/pain.  Denial will lead to worsening the injury and instead of getting the right information ahead of time, it may force you to take a mandatory rest period.  This is an addicting place, but you need to be resting.  There are supplements to help with your recovery and allow you to train harder and more frequently (if interested, ask a coach about which supplement is right for you), but you still need days off.


Communicating with the coaches will not only allow us to know what’s going on, but perhaps we know an exercise or stretch that may help rehabilitate the injury.  Some of you are in such denial, that you already know the fix… REST!!  With that said, you still need to be cognizant of what you did and have the expectations of probable soreness.  So, if we just did 1,000 pullups, I don’t want to hear that you’ve suddenly developed tendonitis in your elbow (bicep and brachioradiallus).  I most often hear it’s an elbow issue, but really it’s just sore.  My first question will be and has been, “is it both arms? what did you notice it? okay it was after a ton of pullups?  now, lightly pullup against a bar, simulating a pullups but very light… does that make it hurt a bit?  perhaps in the lats too?”  Ok, we’ve identified its from the exercise and not an injury.  BUT, unilateral issues that severly restrict your ROM (Range of motion) or completely reduced loading the area is something that should be noted.


Again, you’re here training to enhance your life, you don’t want your life full of pain.  It’s awesome to crush a WOD or PR, but it’s not so awesome when you can’t walk for the next three days… I understand you want to push, but I will straight tell you, if I see fit, to take a few days off.  Don’t get mad at me for recognizing you need rest.  And if you do get mad, well, I’m over it… I’m looking out for your physical well-being.  When your body feels better, you’ll perform better.



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