Saturday Update (A must read!!!!!)

The Opens!!  Brutal WOD, but an achievable WOD no less.  This is what’s going down…  We will run our regular group warm-up during each class time, partner up and get set-up for the workout.  There will be NO scaling.  If you are signed up for the Opens, then obviously no scaling, if you are not signed up and are doing the class anyway, awesome!  But I repeat, there will be no scaling or modifying of any kind.  If you can not perform or you have no desire to do this WOD, yet still want a great workout on Saturday, take a class at our Roseville location or come in for Open gym.


Open WOD 13.1:

Master’s (55 years and above) Weights in Gold:


17 Minute AMRAP of:


Burpees (Jumping to a 6″ target)

30 Snatch 75/4545/35

30 Burpees (Jumping to a 6″ target)

30 Snatch 135/75-75/55

20 Burpees (Jumping to a 6″ target)

30 Snatch 165/100100/75

10 Burpees (Jumping to a 6″ target))

Snatch for the remainder 210/120120/90



Every person that comes in on Saturday is expected to know what is going on!!


Lastly, Rocklin CrossFit of Roseville is up and running and in our schedule site, if you are planning on attending class at Roseville, click the location arrow at the top of the screen to display the Roseville schedule, then sign up as normal!

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