The Opens

Okay, so for those

of you that have signed up for the Opens, GREAT!  For those of you whom haven’t, there’s still time.  The WODs will be announce on Wednesday’s and have to be submitted by the following Sunday.  I know in the past, we ran them on Friday’s, but due to the fact that we have more and more people than ever as members, we will be doing in in more of a competition setting on Saturday’s.  Main reason being is that it’ll be “loose” as far as the classes go and a specific warm-up, strategies, and tips for that weeks’ Open WOD and not have to worry about getting fatigued during the speed work or technical.  Not to mention that not every one will be participating in the Opens and may not want to subject themselves to count somebodies reps for a long 20-minute viagra AMRAP.  Yes, Saturday will be the day, but that doesn’t mean it’s ONLY Saturday that you’ll be able to come in and get it done.  Open gym is always available and if need be, you can set up in a corner during a regular class (with prior arrangements) and get it taken care of!


Plus on Saturday’s, people will more than likely go out for lunch or something afterward too!


Almost kick off time!

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