The Monster is in the house!!!


The Monsters are in the house!  This coming Tuesday the 19th between 5 pm and 7 pm, they will have two tables set up to give 15 minute localized massages for just $10!!!  For anybody that has been to their office, they know how therapeutic they are… No Pain, No Gain!  Yes, it is a bit painful when they get in to those knots

in the back, hips, shoulder, (insert body part here             ), but when they are done, WOW you’ll feel amazing!  Sign up at the front desk and reserve your spot, again it’s just $10 (prepay when you reserve your spot)!!! There are ONLY 16 slots available… Great for

shoulder mobility, hip mobility, and rehabbing soft tissue injuries.  They have designed their own techniques and I have been seeing them for almost three years now and I firmly believe in what they do and stand for… Performance and functionality!!!


Sign up!!!

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