RockTape Clinic


Rocktape is an elastic endurance tape designed for competition. Rocktape’s unique unidirectional stretch pattern won’t reduce your range of motion but it will give you more game.

With its unique stretch and superior adhesive, Rocktape creates a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism which delays fatigue, stabilizes joints, prevents ring and hand burn and promotes proper form.  Rocktape has been working with Crossfit athletes since the 2010 games and is proud to be associated with Crossfit.


Sign up online, it will be February 9th at noon, the cost is just $55 and you will get a roll of tape.  Classes are limited, so register ASAP and reserve your spot. Get that extra edge on your fitness and help your tweaks, sprains, and pains.  This clinic typically runs for $170…  The elite wear it, there must be a reason!  So let’s learn how to apply it for that extra pound PR or five second faster Fran time.


Be better than yesterday!


Dominate today

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