It’s the season!

Ok, winter is here and with that, so is the cold season… I fully understand you don’t want to miss training sessions, but look at the long term. We all train for life, not for the short term. So, doing wods and lifting while you’re sick is just making it worse and last longer. With that said, I’ve heard many talk about the different cold medicines you’re taking. Great for the fact you’re trying to beat the cold, but shame on you for trying to work out through it. Your body needs TIME to recover, not DayQuil (not knocking DayQuil). So, that extra day off is oh so worth it! Seriously, you won’t miss your Fran PR by 2 min by taking an extra day or two out of the gym to get healthy. Rest and laughter are truly the best medicine, so don’t start sucking wind while coughing up a lung laying in your own pool of sweat and snot thinking you’re getting better! Rest! Not to mention, this is the one time you NEED to be selfish.  They are your bugs/germs, so keep ’em! Nobody wants to share those energy and oxygen sucking critters… If any coach hears of you having to take cold medicine while training (and believe me, words spread like wild fire) there will be a nasty “fun”ishment once you’re healthy. Now, we have purchased a ton of Lysol wipes to disinfect, because people are still inconsiderate and will completely ignore this message (if this message offends you, you’re probably whom I’m referring to) so after each and every wod you do, wipe down your equipment (bars, balls, pull-up bar, rings, kettle bells, etc).

Lets keep it clean and healthy to start the new year!


Thank you!

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