Workout of the Day Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Great video, sometimes we all need a little refresher on the day to day tasks…  The drop in the video in regards to the CEO’s of Fortune 500’s proves a valid point.  Throughout life, the are aggressive in being a perfectionist.  The small details that most don’t even realize, they’ll spend the extra time to ensure it’s right.  So, don’t just give it your ALL when it’s your strengths so that way you can shine.  Give it your ALL all the time.  Make your weaknesses something you will shine at, even with the awful burpees… We are doing a ton of them lately, and will only be doing more, so do them with intensity even when you are destroyed!  Do them at home when it’s your day off.  Take that approach to everything you do, and you’ll find true success either socially, physically, financially, or any combination.  Stay true to yourself and make it happen.



10 min to find OHS Max



Five Rounds of:

7 Hang Snatch 115/75




50 Pistol Squats


36 Holiday Burpees!

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