Ups and Downs

As I’ve discussed before, training and being healthy is a lifelong commitment, not a Monday through Friday gig. With that said, every athlete is going to have good days and bad days (this can even go as far as good and bad months/years). During the good days, we feel on top of the world and are convinced that we are the next Olympian or CrossFit champion. It is at these times that being disciplined and staying true to yourself is simple. But, what about the bad days? I’m talking about the training session where you cannot snatch 60% of your max, and simply feel disconneted with your body. These days are the true test! Are you wise enough to realize that you’re having a bad day, and push through it; or, do you throw a pity party, walk out of the gym, and engage in negative self talk? As said in the Champions Manifesto, “Champions are made in adversity. Bad days, problems, heartaches, and losses are necessary elements in molding champions.” I cannot agree with this statement more. In life, adversity is inevitable, and what matters most is how you take on the challenge. So, next time life throws you a curve ball, give it the “bird”, and strap in for the ride, as you are being given an opportunity to mold your character. If you are knocked down 9 times, get up 10!


-Coach Burgener


Oh so true, for me personally, I haven’t been 100% healthy in a very long time. I either have a knee issue, elbow, shoulders, back, now recently a stupid cold… I have been lifting, but my conditioning for WODs is down in the toilet. Is it frustrating me? Oh hell yes. It’s a little depressing actually, but after getting my butt kicked in a couple WODs that I know I should’ve owned, it’s much more motivating for me to get healthy and to take the necessary steps to do so.


The holidays bring about much stress, channel your energy in to something productive despite having a bad day/week/month… I’ve had a bad couple of months now, we can still get through it! That’s the beauty of the family that is RCF!!!





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