Workout of the Day Saturday October 20, 2012


4 x 3 Clean Complex: Dead->Power Clean->Front Squat->Push Press



21, 15, 9:

Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (135/95)

Plate Burpees (55/35)

20 m OH Walking Lunges with Plate (55/35)



100 Seated Russian Twists with Plate (55/35)



We’ve opened a new class type starting Monday.  It is a strength and skill development class (pretty self explanatory as to what it is) main focus is for people to either learn the movements or get stronger with them.


“Fittest of Elk Grove Invitational” is tomorrow and our own Chad, Wes, Jennie, and Val are competing.  Check the link for details.


With that, we may not have open gym for Sunday, I’ll update later once I find out…

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