RCF Challenge WOD #1


This is just like our testing day from many months back that a lot of you have been asking about…. So, let’s get it on!  There will be a WOD or lift or both announced each Wednesday for the next 4 weeks and you’ll have until the following Sunday at 11:59 pm to email me the results!  We will be running the WOD during class on Thursday’s and you can get it done during open gym too.  You may perform the WOD as many times as you’d like until you get your best score.  I won’t be announcing the results until the conclusion of the 4 week challenge.  Again, this is just like our “Testing” that we did many months ago.  It’s essentially an “In-House” competition… So, for those of you that keep telling me you want to compete, this is one great way to get you in to it while keeping your “home field advantage” and maintaing the comfort of you peeps!  In order for the results to be valid, you MUST have a judge/counter present.  Communicate amongst yourselves to get in during open gym with a bunch of people to create the higher intensity environment to help with your performance.



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