Yoga for Athletes at Rocklin CrossFit!

Introducing YOGA for ATHLETES at Rocklin CrossFit


Join Heidi Cohen M.S. Kinesiologist is offering a FREE Introductory Yoga Workshop ($30 Non-Member)


Sunday October 7th, 2012 3:00-5:00pm (Click on Schedule, then Special Events to register)


YOGA for ATHLETES makes a perfect companion for athletes of all sports as well as fitness enthusiasts. This class provides an opportunity to practice Yoga postures to improve flexibility and movement efficiency, as well as, providing challenge of strength, balance, and endurance. Yoga is a perfect compliment to athletic training. Attend classes on recovery days or workout days to unlock your body and take your game to a new level!



Stretch tight and overworked muscles

Strengthen under-utilized or weak muscles

Enhance mental concentration and focus via breath control

Increase range of motion and flexibility

Improve sense of body awareness


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