Workout of the Day Monday Sept. 24, 2012


4 x 4 Deadlifts



Paleo Challenge Benchmark WOD #2!

Christine = 3 Rounds for Time

  • Men’s Rx- 500 meter Row, 12 Bodyweight Deadlifts, 21 Box Jumps at 24”
  • Men’s Scaled- 500 meter Row, 12 Deadlifts at 1/2 body weight, 21 Box Jumps at 16”
  • Women’s Rx- 500 meter Row, 12 Bodyweight Deadlifts, 21 Box Jumps at 20”
  • Women’s Scaled- 500 meter Row, 12 Deadlifts at 1/2 body weight, 21 Box Jumps at 12”



50 Ring Dips



“The only honest measure of your success is what you are doing compared to your true potential!”


Get after it today guys!  You can sign up for competitions, this challenge, friendly bets, but why?  Measuring yourself against another doesn’t mean anything!  There are far too many variables that will contribute to that equation.  I’m not in the gym very often anymore, or at least not running classes, but I have seen so many of you get after a WOD, feeling like you want to quit, having that internal dialogue questioning why you are even doing it… Yet at that moment, someone happens to yell your name and suddenly you’re able to get that next rep!  So, I dare you, reread that quote a few more times and reflect upon what is being said. Every body has their own sense of motivation that gets them through a particularly rough day or WOD, whatever it is, get in the habit of turning it on more regularly!  It is NOT up to anybody else to get your work done, find your intrinsic motivational factor and shut out the rest, especially the mind mid WOD.  Your body is able and capable to continue through complete exhaustion despite what you mind is saying!  I know some workouts or reps hurt, believe me, I do… But, you can tune it out for just a few more reps, meters, or minutes.  The satisfaction after competing against yourself and winning creates a euphoria that helps drive your next session.


Now, this is NOT at all me saying to ignore injury!!!  If you are injured, you must communicate that to one of the coaches and I would also like to be included even if I’m not at the gym.  We CAN help modify your training to still create the functional outcome without potentially exacerbating an ailment forcing time to recover.  Yes, I know, I compete and train when I am injured and fight through it… That is because I am a moron!  I’ll be the very first to admit it!  This is however one of those times to where I say, “do as I say and not as I do!”  I have my reasons and I’d be more than happy to share why, just pull me aside and ask away!  Also, if something just doesn’t make sense, like a movement or modality in our program, ASK!  Please shoot me an email, text, or just talk to me.  I’d be more than happy to assist any clarification.  You also may just pose a question that has no real answer, then we can learn it together or just make the necessary adjustments.


Thank you for being a major influence in my life, I miss you guys!!


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