Workout of the Day Monday August 27, 2012


4 x 3 Snatch Balance



From Lalanne Summer Throwdown WOD #1 Using 185/115:

12 min AMRAP:

40 Deadlifts

30 Burpees

20 Shoulder to Overhead

10 Cleans


*If you competed this weekend in the Throwdown, we have a different WOD for you…



50 Toes to Bar


Notes:  As many of you know, there was a competition in San Francisco at Lalanne Fitness.  Many first timers competing with many vets… It was a great weekend!  Everybody got after it on Saturday and I am super proud to be your coach!  Of every one that competed in the different divisions, we had four make the cut and move on to the finals!  There were a couple of people that truly surprised me on their form, true grit, and consistancies!  In no particular order:

Brandon White Bear

Audra Dobbs

Sarah Beverly

Blaine Johnson

Marco Ochoa

Nate Lopez

Christina Barrett

Laura Stetser

Samantha Davis

Valerie Calhoun

Jennie McKernan

Donna Shioya

Deanna Viscuso

Megan Pagan


All in all we had four people finish in the top 10!  Laura Stetser took 6th, Jennie McKernan took 3rd, and in dominating fashion throughout the whole day, Valerie Calhoun took 1st!  Great job everyone.


Special thanks to Chris and Maribel Lalanne for putting on an awesome competition!  There were about 200 athletes, five scored events, and we were out of there by 5 pm!  One hell of a job!  Volunteers and judges, it wouldn’t have been done without you, thank you for your efforts in keeping things rolling, it is a thankless job, so behalf on everyone, THANK YOU!!!

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