Workout of the Day Monday August 6, 2012


4 x 3 Split Jerks



From Lalanne Summer Throwdown last Summer:

9 Min AMRAP Using 135/95:

9 Snatch

9 Cleans


9 Push Press



7 x 1 Weighted Pullups



The Festivus Games were this weekend in San Jose and if you have been following our Facebook thread, you’ve been getting the updates.  It was a very well run competition especially with the amount of competitors.  Great job CrossFit Lifeworx for hosting a such a fantastic event and for the volunteers, you guys ROCK!


We brought down 12 people and I believe for all of them, it was their first CrossFit event ever!


In no particular order:

Christina Barrett

Samantha Davis

Laura Stetser

Kim Espinoza

Rhonda Radford

Tim Botonis

Nic Nowlin

Megan Pagan

Ryan Foster

Donna Shioya

Nate Lopez

Blaine Johnson


The gym was represented very well and I’m super pumped for everyone!  There were some incredible pr’s on the deadlifts and straight up guts on the 2 k row!  The chipper didn’t seem to exhaust our group as much as others, so great work!!!!  Everyone that competed either matched or pr’d on the deads, we had a total of 158 pounds worth of pr!!!


After speaking with many of them, they are hooked!  They all have the competition bug and will be bringing their training to a whole new level, game on!  I had a blast hanging out with you guys on Saturday, thanks for the invite!!

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