Are you prepared?


Handy Many Dan knows what he is getting in to with every class.  It is hot, sweat impedes his performance, so… Sweatband to help keep his brow fresh? Check!  Goggles to help his aerodynamics through burpees?  Check (ok he didn’t actually wear those, but might as well have), Under Armour moisture wicking technology clothing to help stay dry with higher performance?  Check! Tape around shin after a box jump bit him? Yep, CHECK! Showing up on time (as in minimally 5 minutes early) for class with zero excuses?  Oh yes, you better believe CHECK!


Everybody sports different gear when training, some people get a little mental about things they have on during performance, like a lucky shirt or something (I’m totally guilty of it, I’m sure many people would love to throw out my lucky shirt because it’s tattered and torn to say the least).  Nonetheless, what works for you, works for you!  The biggest thing, is showing up on time and ready to get after it!  We all have bad days, perhaps a little sore (you’re welcome), restless nights, troubles at home, a crappy nutritional day, etc…  But when you are here, it’s the BEST opportunity to leave it all at the door, forget about your troubles and simply get after that next rep! Training with intensity that you do will allow your neuroendocrine system to generate those happy chemicals (hormones) in your body to not only give you a “runner’s high” or euphoric feeling, but it has been proven to reduce cortisol (hormone secreted during times of stress adding to retention of adipose and water), improve sleep, increase productivity at work or home, and a sense of satisfaction with confidence boosting and increased self esteem!


What’s my point?  When you’re here, take advantage of it, use it as an opportunity to become better than yesterday.  What are your goals?  Nobody wants to strive for mediocrity.  You work your tails off daily, why?  To get better, you’re already in pain, sore, sweaty, GET A REWARD FOR IT!  Get that sense of accomplishment knowing that you couldn’t have worked ANY harder.


A quote I stole from little superstar Valerie, “Today’s training is tomorrow’s performance!”


Now, what are you going to do?

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