*Not pictured is Lynn, she had family obligations this day.

Games recap…


Upon arriving in sunny Southern California after leaving at 0445 Tuesday morning, we checked in… Just as last year, we were treated like rock stars!  Reebok hooked it up!  From shirts, shorts, shoes, gloves, jackets, socks, etc. we even had the opportunity to get it fitted if it didn’t fit just right. Of course we were pumped!  Wednesday was a media/interview day followed by the announcement of the first WOD of the 2o12 Reebok CrossFit Games for the Teams, the introduction of Big Bob!!!  A giant 6 person sled weighing in at about 900 pounds!  Thursday was a chill day, we went to the beach (the sun disappeared on us though), then went to the Home Depot Center for a logistics meeting and an opportunity to play with Big Bob ( for literally 4 minutes…). The vendors then opened up so the competitors could check out what all they have to offer!  We bought a climbing rope to practice tying inline knots to help pull the giant sled.  Then we went to a local sporting goods store and bought cleats (like most other gyms, the store loved it!).  We practiced tying the knots for time to help give us that extra edge… It was later discovered that knot tying was against the rules… Oh well, it was cheap entertainment anyway.


Friday morning comes up and it is not at all the typical Southern California weather with the cloud cover and development of rain, yes rain in SoCal in July.  So thankful for the cleats purchase.  Terry Foster was up first to compete as a first time competitor in the masters class.  First WOD involved finding a one rep max shoulder to overhead.  She had major difficulty with the collar for the bar and it was later determined that the bar was bent (she’d like to say that it was because of all the weight she was throwing up!).  Terry then went right in to the second evolution of her scored event and did great on the rope climbs despite the rain.  Her second WOD of the day was a nasty one… A 1k row, 30 cleans, and 50 burpees!  She was nervous going in to it, but crushed it, she was moving up in the ranks!  Day two for her started with a snatch ladder.  Last minute coaching advice for her lead to her taking a fourth overall on it with a monster 10 pound PR!!! With typical RCF spirit, she fought and fought through  a movement that she struggles with, may have taken a last in her heat, but still kept going with a smile on her face.  Terry made the cut to the finals and ultimately took 11th place!!!


Little Shea also competed this weekend for the CrossFit Teen Invitational.  She had four scored events, took two firsts and two thirds.  One of the WODs included handstand walks, a challenging movement for anyone!  However in her case, she had to do them on a vinyl covered mat in the sun which lead to blisters and burns to the palms of her hands (I may have lost my temper a bit to a couple of the judges about it too because I tried to have her pour water on the mat to cool it, but they said it would give her an unfair advantage… BS! I later apologized).  Shea took 2nd place by just a half a point.


On to the team…  The WODs, with the exception of one, were announced about a week before.  Strategy and lost sleep plagued us during the week.  On game day with the specifics and stipulations, most of our strategy was thrown out the window.

We knew going in to the competition that Friday was going to be rough… We just didn’t know we’d get as beat up.  Starting with the 400 m relay created a major hole to dig ourselves out of leading right in to the giant bobsled.  I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but that was by far the most miserable I have EVER felt during a workout.  Upon completion of it, we all went straight to the ice baths.  Our next workout was a little more suited for us.  It was a two rep max for front squats followed by a partner relay where weight had to be held either in the front rack, overhead, or in a dip position while the other worked. By the end of the day, we were up to 24th.  Saturday, the rain all stopped and the day was looking nice!  Started with a 3 min of max distance of yoke walks, then followed by a 30 Clean & Jerk, 20 Rope climbs at 20 ft and some other stuff that no other team ever even got to.  The women had to go first, then the men. We definitely made up a lot of ground.  Next WOD gave us more room to catch up.  Max bar muscle ups then a “Chipper”.  We bumped up to our final ranking of 16th place in the world.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it to Sunday.


All in all, I am super proud of everyone!  It has been a very long year of training.  Many firsts were made and bonds were built.  Terry, you may have been super nervous and anxious, but you made it!  You are the 11th fittest woman in you division IN THE WORLD!!!! (Not a bad deal for only doing this less than a year).  Shea, you continue to impress me and everyone else.  Just keep eating and training and the world will know you in no time.


The team…  It was one hell of a year.  Lots of blood, sweat, tears, and even urine was spilled on the workout floor.  We’ve become family close, almost to a fault haha, and now it’s all done.  Through the year, every single one of us has had some kind of injury or something we needed to modify (some still do) yet the feeling of disappointing another by not participating was the fuel that kept us getting stronger and better.  This past weekend may not have resulted in the placement we had hoped and worked for, but we gave every ounce of energy and push we had!  Through the pain and burn, we pushed and pushed.  I couldn’t be happier with our performance!  The programming this weekend was legit, unfortunately we, as a team were a bit undersized and it showed.  The way it was set up, with the exception of the sled push, the programming made it in to more of just 6 individuals competing for a team score, thus taking out some of the “teamwork”.  This could be a little bit of bitterness, I’ll admit that, but I definitely would’ve liked to see more.  It is what it is and now we look forward to another year of training.  I have had a lot of time to think recently about conditioning philosophies, modalities, and just gnarly workouts for myself.  I realize that I have many weaknesses… So, with all that in mind, we are going to step it up in here!


Thank you to everyone that came down to support us, it was so appreciated!  It made me realize just how special you guys are.  You are the reason we made it as far as we did.  Your support and kind words and encouragement have allowed us to continue on our quest to try and represent.  Thank you so much!  For those of you that followed along at home, that is just AWESOME!  The messages and facebook notes really helped keep our attitudes up.


Again, I can’t say thank you enough to all that has supported us and a special thank you to the team.  That was probably the last time all 6 of us will ever be able to compete on the same team in a competition.  Through all the stress, we grew tighter.  THANK YOU!



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