Friday, June 29, 2012


4×4 Power Cleans


Partner wod:

Anytime an exercise is being done, the partner must be holding the barbell locked out overhead, minus the push press, which can be done by either athlete, which is the only time the second person may rest.

3 Rounds:

75 double unders (scaled 200 single unders w/ heavy rope)

50 ball slams (20/15)

25 push press (95/65)

*If the bar is down while the jump rope or ball slams are going, those reps don’t count and both athletes have a 15 burpee penalty


7×1 weighted pull ups



If you are going down to Carson for the CrossFit Games to support our RCF Honeybadgers, whether an athlete competing, an alternate, or a spectator, please email Sarah at with your tshirt size 🙂 Thanks!


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