“Occupy Strength” Competition this Summer August 11th!

Fun little event this Summer put on by CrossFit Football held at CrossFit Oneworld in Union City, CA.  Details include:


The competition will consist of two events.

Event # 1 – CrossFit Football Total

The first event will be the CrossFit Football Total which consists of testing the one rep max of power athletes in the four primary lifts of the CrossFit Football Program:

Power Clean

Each power athlete will have 3 attempts to achieve a single max effort for each lift.  The Total must be done in the order listed above.  The sum of all three lifts will be your score for the CrossFit Football Total.  All lifts will be preformed raw.  Only shoes, wraps and belts will be allowed.  Participation in this event is mandatory.

Event #2 – MetCon Challenge

The second event will be a MetCon event to be unveiled at the competition.  Power athletes can anticipate the workout to be full body, the time domain to be under 15 minutes, and the conditioining will be multi directional and include some violent hip extension; as is tradition in CrossFit Football Conditioning. Participation in this event is mandatory.

Competition Classes

Athletes will be broken out in the the following six classes:

High School
Female – Light Weight – Up to 70kg/154lbs
Female – Heavy Weight – 70kg+/154lbs +
Male – Light Weight – Up to 85kg/187lbs
Male – Middle Weight – 85kg/187lbs+ – 100kg/220lbs
Male – Heavy Weight – 100kg/220lbs +

*Weight classes are subject to change based off of registration.  Final weight classes will be provided after registration of a given event closes.


Best Overall Total – Male & Female
Best Overall MetCon – Male & Female
Top 3 Heavy Weight Totals – Male & Female
Top 3 Middle Weight Totals – Male
Top 3 Light Weight Totals – Male & Female

Strongest Gym Award: Any gym who enters at least 2 men and 2 women athletes will automatically be entered to win the Strongest Gym Award.  This will not involve any additional workout, but will use the scores from the individual competition.  Each gym’s score will be the combined scores of their top 2 men and top 2 women for EACH event.  This means that the gym’s scores for the Total can be from different people than the scores for the MetCon.  There is no limit to how many team members you can bring, so a strong showing will give you a better shot at the title!

Tentative Schedule

8:00am – Weigh ins
9:00am – Mandatory Rules Briefing
9:30am – CrossFit Football Total
3:30pm – Break for lunch
4:00pm – WOD
7:00pm – Awards Ceremony

*Schedule is subject to change based off of registration.  Final schedule will be posted after registration of a given event closes.

See events.crossfitfootball.com for more information, and to submit any questions.


Register at: http://guestlistapp.com/events/100938


It will be a fun way to get you going after getting super pumped from the Games!  Those of you that made it down to Regionals know the feeling of new motivation since witnessing firsthand…  Register now!  It’s not going to be that rough, more like a typical day at RCF with the heavy lifting at first, then a WOD.  GET SOME!

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