Workout Of the Day (Monday May 21, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 5 Push Press
For Time: Using 45/30

20 DB Thrusters

400 m Run

20 DB Push Press

400 m Run

20 DB Burpees

400 m Run

Stabilization: 6 x 10 secs Hollow Rock
Details: Holy Crap!!!!  That was one hell of a weekend in San Jose.  CrossFit did a great job at putting on the Northern California Regional competition this weekend.  We were one of only four gyms in the world to send two teams to their region.  The heat played a factor and we were not acclimated to it, it definitely played a factor.  For both teams, all the athletes played their role and did it well!  There were a few mistakes made by almost all of us over the course of the weekend, but all in all it was amazing!


The Rocklin CrossFit Grasshoppers were seeded in 26th and ended up taking 16th overall!  SO proud of them, especially since they have only been working together as a team for only about a month.  Great work!  The one workout they were super scared of (WOD 3: Heavy Dumbbell Snatch and Run), they DOMINATED!!


The RCF Honey Badgers stayed pretty consistent throughout and knew going in to it that WOD 3 was going to be rough.  All in all, it was a phenomenal weekend and the RCF Honey Badgers (now going back to the name of Rocklin CrossFit) will be going to the Games in July!


Check Facebook for pictures and videos to come!


For those of you that came to show your support… THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We totally appreciate the showing and support, you guys totally rock!  Last year we had just a small handful of people show up for us, this year was amazing! We probably had close to 45 people from RCF show up over the weekend and most lost their voices!  Thank you so much for everything! The nights got a little rowdy I heard, but the athletes still were able to eliminate the distractions and focus on the day ahead…  I’m so proud of all the hard work and dedication to all, the athletes as well as our athletic supporters!


Thank you for making Rocklin CrossFit what it is…

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