Regionals just one week out!


Regionals are here!  Starting on Friday the 18th.  Follow the link to get event information:  Last year we ended up taking the silver home and earning our spot to the 2011 Games for the first time!  This year, we have TWO teams that have qualified to Regionals (only four gyms in the world, including us have accomplished this!).  We already have numerous people going down to support.  For many of you, this is your first non local competition you’ll be attending… Here are a few things to remember when you’re going to these:


The venue is in an outdoor stadium.  The athletes will try to stay out of the elements, especially if its hot.  We will have an area on the grass with pop-ups. When you get to the fair grounds, look for the RCF banner in the grassy area.

What to bring:
water bottle
food/snacks, can bring ice chest and leave it in tent area
chairs for pop-up area.  *If you have a pop-up that you can get to San Jose, please let
          me know.
money for shopping, vendors will be there selling food, clothing (I heard lululemmon
          will be there, super! lol) and equipment.
Both teams will competing 2 wods Friday and Saturday and the first event on Sunday.  Only the top 12 teams will compete in the 2nd wod on Sunday.  There will be men’s and women’s individual comps going on also.  Some badass competition to watch for sure.
Feel free to text Michelle if you need any more information:  916-539-5452
Its going to be a blast!!!
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