Workout Of the Day (Tuesday May 8, 2012)

Technical: 5 x 2 Cleans
For Time: 100 Thrusters (95/65)

EMOM Perform 5 Burpees until your thrusters are complete

Stabilization: 20 Wall Walks
Details: If you are not signed up for a class, DO NOT SHOW UP!!!!  Classes are large and we have in our peak hours two instructors.  Yes, we could coach way more people than show up, BUT our facility cannot support 25 and up sized classes.  Potential for injury raises dramatically with more than 20 in our current space.  So, sign up like every one else, show up early for classes, and if it says full, don’t just show up anyway, otherwise we might as well just throw out our schedule system.  Be respectful of the other members that take the time out to follow the rules and are courteous to everyone else.


Thank you, no this isn’t out of anger, if you take offense, then I am specifically talking to you!


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