Games Athlete!!! Terri Foster


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: RCF houses quite a few amazing athletes; case in point, Terri Foster who will be competing in the Master Division of 2012 Crossfit Games this July after only eight months of Crossfit. No one seemed more surprised than Terri who says “seeing all the Rocklin Crossfit participants in the Opens reach new PR’s and get excited with their results each week pushed me to try harder…it was fun and made me want to practice and improve and I certainly surprised myself!”

Terri was first introduced to Crossfit by her son Ryan and his wife Anna who wanted to work out together as a family. “I thought it was a class to go to three times a week and never realized it was a sport!” she says. “I love it and now I’m hooked! It has changed my life by building my confidence, endurance, and the realization anything is possible.”

When I first asked to feature Terri, she shied from the spotlight. Like so many of the amazing athletes I’ve met at RCF, she was humble in accepting accolades, yet quick to credit those around her for her success. “With the help of Gary, Todd and the Rocklin Crossfit family I receive so much information to improve my skills and performance.”

That very humility and quick recognition of the RCF family is, I think, part of what sets Rocklin Crossfit apart and produces such an amazing team of athletes: at its heart, RCF is truly one big family. It’s fitting then that Terri found RCF through her son and that it isn’t at all uncommon to see the four Fosters hard at work, sweating it out together in a class.

From one family member to another, I’m unbelievably proud to feature Terri as one of the Crossfit Games 2012 RCF athletes (For more photos, see Member Spotlight: Terri Foster album).

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