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This weekend was AWESOME!  Thank you to everyone that showed up on Saturday and got a little wet n dirty!  The first WOD was different for everyone.  Great idea from Wes with a randomized workout in an egg and we took it a little further.  One area was set up with exercises in plastic Easter eggs (had to draw three eggs), another area with rep numbers (one egg), and the last area was the number of rounds (one egg)… One team got the WORST possible scenarios… First egg- Burpees, Second Egg- 70 Reps, Third Egg- Burpees, Fourth Egg- 4 Rounds, Fifth Egg- Burpees!  Yes, 4 rounds of 70 reps of burpees, burpees, and burpees… Holy Cow!  Time cap set at 20 min, they strategized and gutted out the full 20 min accomplishing around 400 reps.  Great job Tim Botonis and lil Shea Farrish!  They won the True Grit Spirit Award!


The second WOD was more of a relay style WOD: Run approx 300 m, perform 50 rotations of hula hoop, 20 m overhead walking lunges with a plate, 100 single jump ropes with a heavy rope (in grass), walking lunge back then pass the baton.  All the while, the athlete doing the work must carry a water balloon the entire time.  If it breaks, both partners perform 20 burpees.


Time was running out and people were getting hungry so we couldn’t do the last WOD, but instead went to Kit and Terri Foster’s amazing house where they hosted the afterparty/BBQ where Tim and Cami Botonis cooked some incredible food!  Thank you to everyone that participated, it was a blast! Special thanks to Laurie Stetser and Christina Barrett for doing all the leg work and putting this thing together!



3rd Place:

Samantha Harris

Ryan Melvin


2nd Place:

Valerie Calhoun

Samantha Davis


1st Place:

Sarah Beverly

Tim Bradbury


Most Spirited:

Sydney Ware


True Grit, Heart:

Tim Botonis

Shea Farrish


Thank you guys for coming out!  We will definitely be having another one, keep the pictures coming on FaceBook too, those of you looking through them, please tag people.


Thank you!

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Workout Of the Day (Monday April 30, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 5 Back Squats to Overhead Squat
For Time: 100 Air Squats

20 Double Unders

80 Air Squats

40 Double Unders

60 Air Squats

60 Double Unders

40 Air Squats

80 Double Unders

20 Air Squats

100 Double Unders

Stabilization: 50 Toes To Bar
Details: Post thoughts to comments
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Teams & Heat Assignments for Tomorrow

So, this was a partial randomization of teams… It was through a “name in the hat app” where I tried to put people that have done competitions with people that have not… There were a couple that just couldn’t be helped as far as some teams, but hey, this is supposed to be fun!  So, regardless of anything, enjoy the weather, the change of scenery, the unique wods.  Without further ado, here are the teams:


Heat #1: @ 1:30

Rebecca Groudan & Nick Nowlin

Concetta Lowell & Wes Hutchinson

Sydney Ware & Brandon Whitebear

Jordan Smith & Sheena Polischuk

Gary Baron & Jill Magorka

Kaitlyn Dzurella & Raychell Sarcomo

Kerry Jones & Mike Kluegel

Brittnay Baird & Todd Weygandt


Heat #2:

Danielle Majors & Michelle Habenicht

Samantha Davis & Valerie Calhoun

Shea Farrish & Tim Botonis

Stacia Lenz & Cami Botonis

Jadie Huegel & Christina Barrett

Monica Calhoun & Jeff Wellman

Rena Tommasini & Mike Ceane

Sara Butler & Deana Viscuso


Heat #3

Jennie McKernan & Kit Foster

Samantha Harris & Ryan Melvin

Amy Newton & Andrew Lampi

Laurie Stetser & Terri Foster

Tim Bradbury & Sarah Beverly

Stacy Fegard & Logan Turner

Jesse Llopis & Mike Garcia


Some people may just show up, if that is the case, they will be added to the final heat and a totally random pairing…  Please LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE SHOWING UP AND YOU’RE NOT ON LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Events are going to be fun and unique, remember this supposed to be FUN!  Don’t forget to bring some sunblock and some towels!  First heat STARTS at 1:30, groups in HEAT #3 will be judging them, HEAT #2 will be judged by HEAT #1, HEAT #3 will be judged by HEAT #2.


So, please show up ahead of time to warm up on your own and get ready to play!

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Workout Of the Day (Friday April 27, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 3 Dead Lifts
For Time: 21, 15, 9 with a 400 m Run between rounds:

KB SDHP (70/55)

KB Goblet Squats

KB Burpees (KB in one hand during burpee)

Stabilization: 6 x 10 Secs KB Seated Hot Potato
Details: Tomorrow, Saturday, is the Folsom Lake fun day!  Starts at 1, heat assignments and teams will be announced sometime today, follow the site!


Also, classes are packed, showing up unannounced is inexcusable and disrespectful to the people that followed the rules and signed up in advance.  So, please call or email if your account is not activated yet, then, SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!


Thank you

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RCF Team Building Challenge!


View the video if you are planning on participating in the weekend event, no excuses for not knowing standards and ranges of motion for movements… Or, view video if you just want to laugh!

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Workout Of the Day (Thursday 26, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 3 Push Press
For Time: 4 Rounds of:

10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

10 Push Press

10 Back Squat

20 Sit-Ups


Details: Last day for Groupon!!!
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Workout Of the Day (Wednesday April 25, 2012)

Technical: 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 Power Cleans
For Time: Regional WOD:

Three rounds of:

10 Alt Arm DB Snatch (HEAVY)

200 m Run

*As an idea of heavy, the men have to use 100# and the women 70#

Stabilization: 10 Turkish Get Ups
Details: Post thoughts to comments
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RTG Clothing site closes tomorrow morning, Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., in order to get products in before Regionals.  Get your orders in!!!!!

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Workout Of the Day (Tuesday April 24, 2012)

Technical: 5 x 3 Front Squats
For Time: Four Rounds of:

10 Thrusters (95/65)

15 Wall Ball

20 Ball Slams

Stabilization: 50 Toes to Bar
Details: Post thoughts to comments
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Workout Of the Day (Monday April 23, 2012)

Technical: Overhead Squat 4 x 4
For Time: “1/2 Tiffany”50 Snatch Grip Dead Lifts

50 P. Snatch

50 OHS

50 Snatch Press

Stabilization: 25 Wall Walks
Details: Goupon is on!!! 12 sessions for $25, get on it and spread the word! For those of you that purchase a Groupon, please check out our schedule and FAQ’s prior to coming in. If you have any questions, feel free to call! 

ATTENTION MEMBERS: We are now offering Perks Points, please ask one of us about how you can earn them.  For example, buy a Groupon for a friend who redeems it at RCF and you will be entitled to Perks Points that you could use at RCF towards merchandise or even a free month’s membership!

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