Workout Of the Day (Friday March 30, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 5 Clean Pulls

3 x 20 DB Thrusters

For Time: 21, 15, 9 of:

Back Squats (135/95)

Burpee Over Bar (OC Throwdown standard, no need to open hip nor clap)

Stabilization: 6 x 10 secs L-Sits
Details: “Tryouts” for Regional Team GrassHoppers being held on Thursday the 5th STARTING at 12:00 pm, it is your responsibility to show up and warm up on your own.  Or on Friday the 6th STARTING at 6:30 pm.  If you are not here and ready to go then, you will be out of luck.  The tryouts are really for the last “Alternate” spot… Again, movements to include, with zero scaling, running, rowing, HSPU’s, squat clean thrusters (weight is variable and with extremely strict standards, no exceptions), deadlifts @ 275/185, box jumps @ 30″/24″, chest to bar pullups, kb swings @ 53/35, double unders, ohs @ 95/65, and potentially some other things…


Everybody is welcome to try, just let me know by no later than Tuesday @ 5:30 pm so I can set up for logistics.  If you tell me at 5:31 pm, it’s a no go… You know how to get a hold of me, whether it be email, gym phone, cell phone, facebook, directly… No excuses, no exceptions.  Thank you!

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