I just added an 8:00 am on Saturday morning.  The 9 and 10 are both filled up at 15 people, we opened the 8 to alleviate the crowd and to accomodate members.  Also, OPEN GYM is going on seven days a week now.  I hear all the time that you want to get better at certain movements.  While the class is great, sometimes we don’t necessarily work on all your weaknesses.  So, get your rear in gear and get to an Open Gym time!  Our team does WOD’s in the Open Gym time as well at least twice a week, so if you want to challenge yourself and play with us, come in (of course we can scale and make the appropriate modifications as necessary)!


Lastly, continue to vote for us at http://kcra.cityvoter.com/rocklin-crossfit/biz/610446?r=badge to help your gym move to first!  We have now taken over the second position and are dramatically closing the gap…  Get your spouse, kids’, your multiple emails you have to count for one!  Most people have a work AND personal email… The more the better, this way YOU can tell all your friends and nay sayers you train at THE BEST GYM IN THE SACRAMENTO AREA!!!!!!!

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