CrossFit is VERY addicting.  Hitting new PR’s, getting stronger, increasing tonicity, looking and feeling great naked all coincide with a great training program.  However, you must ensure you are resting as well.  The typical CrossFit training schedule is three days on and one day off, if you follow the mainsite, you’ll see rest days programmed in there.  However, given that we are open seven days a week and every body has there own schedule and lives, we post WOD’s every day.  Whatever your training schedule, things change!  In the typical three on and one off scenario for example (and this can go with any predetermined schedule), you may be setting yourself up for injury.  We program very heavy/hard stuff in comparison to most other gyms.  As a result of that, your body is getting broke down that much more.  For instance, day one of your three day we do the Regional WOD of 100 reps each of: Pullups, KB Swings, Double Unders, and OHS, that WOD wreaked havoc on bodies and people were left extremely sore for days.  Now, the next day our programming is the 100 m walking lunges with a bar on your back and every 10 m you alternate between 5 push press and 10 back squats.  Your legs and midline are trashed.  Now that third day may incorporate a bunch of heavy deadlifts…  Guess what, your three days on just got you to ice your back.  Point is, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Your brain is not smart, your body knows what you need, listen to it!!


Point is, REST!  We don’t build muscle in the gym, we break it down for preparation of growth.  You get stronger outside of the gym.  All too often we are working out and hitting a workout as hard as possible, but performance just isn’t there.  Then, frustration develops.  Some of you guys are over training and are exhibiting early signs of such but keep saying you’re fine.  I can think of at least 10 examples of people in the recent months that I have had the conversation with about them over training.  Their performance starts to decline and bodies start to ache.  They ignore the coaches telling them to rest and mask their bodily aches with anti-inflammatories.  Next thing you know, you’re hurt.  Whether it be migraines, torn muscles, tendonitis, bad backs, ……..  Either way, if you schedule your REST instead of only scheduling training days, you’ll start to get healthier and better in CrossFit and your day to day activities.


Now for the funny part, many of you know that I have a couple injuries yet I continue to train.  Some of you also have injuries and through the rumor mill (which seriously needs to stop, it’s a gym, not high school), I have been told that because I train and do movements that sometimes hurt, that it is okay for you to as well.  First off, I AM A MORON!!!!  Do not follow that example.  Yes, I am hurt, but I adjust movements and scale to allow me to train without as much pain.  There are ways around your injury to keep training, it just requires you to pay attention to what hurts and to communicate that with us.  Training through an injury is just dumb (yes that was another stab at me), but if done right, you may not have to take time off of training at all.  Yes, I am a bad example of this, but I have my reasons and if you care to know what they are, just ask.  But, if you are hurt, communicate that!  No body is going think you are being a wimp if you need to modify a movement, it’s called intelligence!


So, let’s be smart and train hard while ensuring we have not forgotten to rest!  It’s not over training that gets you hurt, it’s under recovering!

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