Workout Of the Day (Monday March 5, 2012)

Technical: 5 x 3 Snatch
For Time: 50 KB Swings300 m Run

40 KB Goblet Squats

300 m Run

30 KB Snatch

300 m Run

20 KB Pushups

300 m Run

Stabilization: 100 KB Seated Twists
Details: Holy Crap!  You guys all rocked it this past week with the Opens!  I’m SUPER proud of you guys.  This last week was the whole reason why I wanted all you guys to sign up and perform the Opens.  So many of you had never attempted to snatch as much weight as you were almost forced to to get a score.  I can safely say that there were at least 20 people that hit new snatch PR’s!!!! Great job all, you may not have been too excited for your new numbers, but I sure was, keep it up! 

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