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Open Gym and “Team” Training Sunday After Last Class

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Through much discussion and going back and forth TONS of times.  Original discussions were made and in the heat of competition forgotten dialogue, the Opens decided the secondary team.  I would still like to run the “Tryouts” however for some game time practice and experience.  But, if you don’t want to and are burned out, I get it… I’m sorry, I messed it up, I truly apologize for the emotional ups and downs I may have led you to have.


I am truly truly sorry.  I feel like an ass

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Workout Of the Day (Friday March 30, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 5 Clean Pulls

3 x 20 DB Thrusters

For Time: 21, 15, 9 of:

Back Squats (135/95)

Burpee Over Bar (OC Throwdown standard, no need to open hip nor clap)

Stabilization: 6 x 10 secs L-Sits
Details: “Tryouts” for Regional Team GrassHoppers being held on Thursday the 5th STARTING at 12:00 pm, it is your responsibility to show up and warm up on your own.  Or on Friday the 6th STARTING at 6:30 pm.  If you are not here and ready to go then, you will be out of luck.  The tryouts are really for the last “Alternate” spot… Again, movements to include, with zero scaling, running, rowing, HSPU’s, squat clean thrusters (weight is variable and with extremely strict standards, no exceptions), deadlifts @ 275/185, box jumps @ 30″/24″, chest to bar pullups, kb swings @ 53/35, double unders, ohs @ 95/65, and potentially some other things…


Everybody is welcome to try, just let me know by no later than Tuesday @ 5:30 pm so I can set up for logistics.  If you tell me at 5:31 pm, it’s a no go… You know how to get a hold of me, whether it be email, gym phone, cell phone, facebook, directly… No excuses, no exceptions.  Thank you!

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I just added an 8:00 am on Saturday morning.  The 9 and 10 are both filled up at 15 people, we opened the 8 to alleviate the crowd and to accomodate members.  Also, OPEN GYM is going on seven days a week now.  I hear all the time that you want to get better at certain movements.  While the class is great, sometimes we don’t necessarily work on all your weaknesses.  So, get your rear in gear and get to an Open Gym time!  Our team does WOD’s in the Open Gym time as well at least twice a week, so if you want to challenge yourself and play with us, come in (of course we can scale and make the appropriate modifications as necessary)!


Lastly, continue to vote for us at to help your gym move to first!  We have now taken over the second position and are dramatically closing the gap…  Get your spouse, kids’, your multiple emails you have to count for one!  Most people have a work AND personal email… The more the better, this way YOU can tell all your friends and nay sayers you train at THE BEST GYM IN THE SACRAMENTO AREA!!!!!!!

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Workout Of the Day (Thursday March 29, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 5 Deadlifts
For Time: Four Rounds of:

10 DB Cleans (45/30)

Box Jumps (30″/24″)

300 m Run

Stabilization: 100 Situps
Details: Please vote for us for the KCRA 3 for Best of Sacramento Best Gym

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Workout Of the Day (Wednesday March 28, 2012)

Technical: 5 x 2 Hang Cleans

Tabata Burpees

For Time: 21, 15, 9 of:

Power Cleans (155/105)

Ball Slams

Plyo Pushups

Stabilization: 5 x 3 Weighted Ring Dips
Details: Post thoughts to comments
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Workout Of the Day (Tuesday March 27, 2012)

Technical: 5 x 2 Front Squats
For Time: Five Rounds of:7 Push Press (185/115)

14 Toes To Bar

21 Double Unders

Stabilization: 50 Pistol Squats
Details: Please vote for the Best of Sacramento “Best Gym” at 

Thank you, post thoughts to comments

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Workout Of the Day (Monday March 26, 2012)

Technical: 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 Split Jerk
For Time: Four rounds of:

20 Wall Ball

20 KB Swings (53/35)

500 m Row

Stabilization: 100 Seated Russian Twists
Details: Today is the last day to order your Advocare in order to receive it by April 1st to start the 24-Day Challenge to kick off the rockin’ new Summer body! We eat to lose, cut out processed and preservative junk, and focus on a healthy diet.  We give you all the tools to succeed and I will personally coach and help you every step of the way.  I’m dedicated to getting you results.  All you have to do is commit to sticking to the plan for 24 days!!! It’s totally doable and can be a lot of fun.  Average weight loss during the 24 days is 10 lbs/10 inches.  You can get amazing results, especially when combining it with your workouts at Rocklin Crossfit, and feel awesome for Spring/Summer!!! Please contact Julia@916-960-3763 or email me at So call me or email me and let’s get you started on the road to a healthier you! I’d love to have you join us on April 1st!!!


Don’t forget to log your meters for the WEC!!!   And lastly, get all your friends to vote for us through the KCRA-3 Best of Sacramento: Best Gym!!!  We are sitting in third place with around 80 votes, first place is Cal Fit with over 200 votes… We got this guys, still over a month and a half left, get on your votes!


On the Opens news…  Terry Foster whooped some (_!_) and took 10th overall in her division and earned herself a ticket to compete at the 2012 CrossFit Games in Carson, CA at the Home Depot Center!!  We also successfully put TWO teams on through to the Regional Competition in San Jose in May!!!  I’m SO pumped for all that participated in the Opens and for stepping out of your comfort zones with the competition feel!  Major props out to a few of you for really stepping it up in surprising fashion: Ed David, Jeff Wellman, Raychell Sarcomo, Christina Barrett, Ryan Foster to name a few standouts…  This is not at all to say others went on unnoticed.  So many people hit PR’s in several different movements and truly stepped it up.  Many of you realized just some of your potential, let’s get it on!


As far as the second team to make it to Regionals, we do have two guys and two girls set for that team, but we do need to find that third man and woman…  We will be having tryouts in a couple of weeks, hopefully sooner than later, based on when we need our roster in for CrossFit.  But, every one is welcome to participate, please let me know as to set up for logistics…  There will not be ANY scaling though.  Movements include: Rowing, running, HSPU, squat clean thrusters, deadlifts @ 275/185, box jumps @ 30″/24″, pullups, kb swings, double unders, ohs @ 95/65.  Haven’t decided yet if we will be running it on one day, ideally it’d be two, but we’ll see based on schedules.  However, if you really want that spot… I’m confident you’ll make arrangements!

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Please vote!

Click the link to the left for the annual KCRA 3 Best Of Sacramento for Rocklin CrossFit to be voted Best Gym in the area!  Please help us out!  In doing so, it’ll help you!  Voting is good until May 11th and if we win, we’ll throw a nice BBQ/ RCF get-to-gether!  When you do vote, click the icon to post to Facebook and/or Twitter and let the rankings develop!  Tell your friends and family, every vote counts!!!

Thank you!

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Workout Of the Day (Thursday March 22, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 3 Snatch Press
For Time: 5 Rounds of:

300m Run

20 Sit-Ups

30 Double Unders

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