Have you signed up for the Opens yet?  I know many of you have not!!!!  Just do it, you’re going to do the work anyway, so might as well see how you measure up in the world!  Go to to sign up and make sure to sign join the Rocklin CrossFit Affiliate.  The cost is just $20.  Also, for you guys that have signed up, each Friday will be the Opens WOD for class, but it would be much more advantageous for you to come in during our “Open Gym” time to do it.  I will be running them in heats and try to simulate a nice competition style training setting for your adrenals to pump it up a notch.  Also, “Open Gym” is open gym and you’re more than welcome to come in and do your own thing or just watch and help cheer people on or be a volunteer judge.  It’s always fun to train with people that are intense or potentially better than you, it’s also fun to just be a part of it all.


Happy training!

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