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Last weekends’ team competition from the SacTown Throwdown in Roseville at the fairgrounds.  It was a blast and our “open” division team did an exceptional job.  Thank you for your support and especially to those that made it out to watch and yell!  We definitely appreciate the extra encouragement.


“Testing” schedule for next week is now up.  We used to have the end of the 12 week cycle be a break other than just the testing to allow for body recovery and repairation.  It’s called periodization.  You guys all work so hard and sometimes forget to rest (we are all guilty of this, myself included).  This is a good time to relax a bit before the “Opens” start for the CrossFit Games.  Those of you that are new, on a trial period, or just started and have no clue what I am talking about, “Testing” is just a measurable program we do every quarter to see where we are and how much we’ve improved.  If you haven’t tested, DO IT!  No matter if you feel as though you are out of shape, come in anyway to see where you are.  We do score/rank everything and I put it on as almost an “in house competition”.  If you don’t want to be ranked or scored, we can definitely do it as anonymous.


It is a great and encouraging way to work hard and stray from the normal class.  They are two hour class times, that does not mean that you will be getting your butt kicked the whole time!  The first 75 min are very relaxed and you’re just trying to establish your max lifts in two movements, the bench press and overhead squat (with that said, we need some benches again!  Please help).  You will also be judging/counting for a partner half the time too.  So, don’t be scared because it’s now 2 hours long.  If you have scheduling conflicts, talk to me… You can take the first hour of one of the testing times then take the second hour at a different time.


The Opens also start next week and we have a TON of you that have not yet signed up for it… Let’s go people!  It’s a way to get motivated and set goals. You’re going to do the work anyway, might as well see how you stack up!  Plus given that it is measured each week, it will help to keep you wise and focused for the duration.  It’s a “5 week challenge” of mind and fitness.  Sign up at: and make sure you associate yourself as a Rocklin CrossFit affiliate, the area is in the top right column on your profile under the heading “Affiliate”.  Also, if you have any more reservations or are still confused, read this article:

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